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Piper Chieftain Restoration

Our Piper Chieftain restoration and upgrade for Blue Sky Airways started with a tired 1974 PA31-350.

The Chieftain, on the right, when it arrived at our facility.

As a first step, we removed all flight controls, undercarriage and interior to assess for corrosion and facilitate repairs to damage and corroded areas. We also paint stripped the entire aircraft to prepare the surface for a fresh paint scheme.

The Chieftain in the process of being paint stripped.

At the same time as carrying out the paint stripping, we removed both engine and propeller assemblies. If the same engines were to remain with the aircraft we would have left them on and taped around them for the painting process, however because two new Lycoming engines were to be fitted we removed them to allow for a better paint job.

One of the new engines for the Chieftain, shipped to us directly from Lycoming in the USA. The model is an LTIO-540-J2BD.

To to allow us to paint the wings and fuselage whilst still on the jacks we constructed a temporary booth around the aircraft and connected it to our airflow system to ensure no dust or other foreign objects ended up on the wet paint. All of the removed components, such as flight controls and undercarriage, were painted separately in the paint shop.

The wings and fuselage inside the temporary paint booth.
Painting progress.

Once the painting had been completed we could start re-fitting the flight controls and interior whilst we awaited the arrival of the new undercarriage components.

Ready to start work on the interior.

Fitting the new engines was some great visual progress. The engines are highly boosted 540 cubic inch Lycomings, each producing 350 horsepower at takeoff.

The right hand engine fitted, ready to be connected.

VH-MKC returning after it's first charter flight for Blue Sky Airways

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